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Lotus Management

Management Services

Lotus Management Inc has over 75 years of combined expertise in the management of hotels ranging from pre-opening services to fully operational hotels.

Our management strategy is focused on delivering healthy bottom lines for each property with no sacrifice of service to our patrons or development of our associates.  

Each property's performance is audited on a monthly basis in the following manner:
By focusing on these 4 elements in this manner, we can capitalize on the positive findings and correct the negative findings in a timely manner.

In addition to strong focused sales efforts, Lotus Management Inc. believes in supporting each hotel under its umbrella to ensure the financial success of each property. Our centralized accounting system efficiently provides administration/supervision of payroll processing, monitors daily accounting reports, and funds flow.

We believe in integrity, simplicity and clarity in our work practices and transfer this in our reports to our investors.

For more information on our management services please contact Prakash Patel :

Tuesday May 5, 2015