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Management Services

At Lotus Management, Inc., we make sure each of our properties continues to perform at the highest standards. In order to do this, we offer a comprehensive set of management services for each of our properties.


Lotus Management, Inc. offers long-standing relationships with trusted vendors to provide quality products at the best prices for all Lotus managed hotels. Our main purchasing services include:

  • CapEx bidding
  • Contract negotiations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to preferred vendors
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Guest amenities
  • Office supplies

Accounting & Finance

We take care of all of the details at Lotus Management, Inc.. Our professional finance team helps deliver healthy bottom lines at each property without sacrificing on service. Our financial services include:

  • Annual budgeting for existing hotels
  • Pre-opening expense budgeting & transition planning for new acquisitions
  • Auditing (internal and operational)
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Initial cost estimating for all operating inventories & initial cash reserves for transitions and acquisitions
  • Development of the hotel credit policy in conjunction with key financial controls & standard operating procedures
  • Ensuring all hotels are PCI compliant
  • Establishing accounting SOP's to be followed by the property
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash management
  • Monitoring of cash-driven performance indicators
  • Supervision of payroll processing
  • Daily monitoring of account reports

Sales & Marketing

The marketing department uses targeted, cost-efficient marketing strategies to grow the recognition of every hotel and its brand. In this digital age, much of the focus is paid to internet marketing programs and the website, which ultimately gains the most revenue per reservation. Using tools and platforms including pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media, PR, search engine optimization, localized marketing and more, the ultimate goal is to drive foot and web traffic directly to the hotel.

Reputation Management
Amidst a heavily social landscape, understanding the value and need for constant online reputation management is a staple of our brand and hotels. The reputation management team collaborates with hotel owners and managers to review digital mentions and formulate a plan for responses, potential solutions and to get ahead of future opportunities. Our team constantly monitors and tracks what is being said online about every hotel in real time, and uses this information for recommendations. Our team is committed to success by garnering positive feedback and, in turn, loyal guests.

Sales and Training 
Sales activity is the backbone of hotel advancement so creating a property-tailored sales plan geared directly towards prospects is essential. Experienced sales professionals learn the strengths of each hotel to advise team members and support lead generation. Sales training sessions, whether face-to-face, over the phone, or by webinar – provide hotel staff the opportunity to learn the most effective selling techniques for the given marketplace.

Revenue Management
Using a teamwork approach to revenue management, revenue management is a cooperative arrangement between each hotel and the revenue management team to develop a customized revenue plan for each property. Through a collaborative effort, a strategy is developed based on the hotel's local market coupled with multi-factors, so maximum profit can be achieved effectively.

Human Resources

Excellent customer service begins with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. At Lotus Management, Inc., we invest in the happiness and well-being of our employees who in turn create happy guests. We work together to offer the following services:

  • Labor and operating expense control
  • Smart hiring practices
  • Payroll and benefit administration
  • Guest satisfaction and quality controls
  • Clearly defined career advancement ladders for employees
  • Standardized policies and procedures


A good IT system facilitates organization, information accessibility, and convenience. Lotus Management, Inc. IT solutions help keep everything running smoothly with the following services:

  • PCI compliance monitoring
  • Network firewall security
  • Property Management Systems maintenance, install, and hardware support
  • Point of Sale (POS) maintenance, install, and hardware support
  • Email administration and support implementation
  • User support for computer hotel systems
  • Purchasing and installation of hardware and software for hotel systems

Property Management

In order to consistently supply excellent service to our guests, we keep a careful eye on each property's performance against market trends and look for areas where we can make improvements. Our monthly audits of each property include an evaluation of:

  • Performance of our associates in terms of service and training
  • Success and effectiveness of our revenue management strategies
  • Performance of each department against their allocated budget
  • Performance of our hotels in comparison to the wider hospitality market
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